As a veterinarian (Lise Rovsing) at my clinic “Dyreklinikken Artemis” , , in Denmark, I often get calls from people in panic: “My dog just ate a piece of broken glass” or “my dog just went through the garbage and ate bones from a chicken carcass”.
Both things are sharp and could potentially damage the dog’s stomach and intestines. Dog owners often first notice this a while after the crime has been committed.
Give the dog asparagus from a can! I prefer the white sort of “pickled” ones, they are long, soft and slippery …The fibres in the asparagus will wrap around the foreign object (a piece of glass or bone) and thereby, in the best case, prevent it from damaging the stomach and intestines.



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If the situation is urgent: Force the asparagus in the dog’s throat, perhaps while adding water in the mouth through a disposable syringe to make sure the dog actually swallows it. to ensure that the dog swallows it. You can also cut the asparagus into smaller pieces and add paté or gravy, which the dog will likely find tastier.
As a vet it is rare, if the dog otherwise seems fine, that I suggest an endoscopic examination right away, if the dog otherwise is in a good health otherwise. The procedure is also a rather costly option for the dog owner. It’s easier to try with a can of asparagus first! Obviously: If you are in any serious doubt about your dog’s well-being, please go to the vet. Don’t google around first or spend too much time searching for advice on facebook ☺