When do we walk next time?

Sunday 29th of March 4-5 pm. 

Artemis organises a walk in the forrest every month.

The walk is organised by Artemis and the dog training company Snudekompagniet featuring Hanne Truelsen.

The venue is: Trepilelågen at Jægersborg Dyrehave (GPS: Trepilevej 7, 2830 Klampenborg) at the parking lot by the lawn.

Where do we meet?

Trepilelågen is an entrance to Dyrehaven, that has a distinct red gate!

You can’t see the gate from the street. In the books, Trepilelågen is the marker of the place you get to, when you have passed Tårbæk City at Strandvejen from Charlottenlund, it’s the first big open space on your left, where you can see the Eremitage Palace from the street.

This is where the walk takes its beginning and where we end up.

The walk will takes last for about 1 hour, we usually use 10-20 minutes for coffee, cake and socializing afterwards, but you can plan to head back home after one hour.

The dogs have to be on a leash during our walk!

Veterinary Lise Rovsing from Dyreklinikken Artemis (Artemis Veterinarian Clinic) and dog trainer Hanne Truelsen from Snudekompagniet will be joining the walk.

We will finish up the walk by having a cup of coffee or tea with a lot of cookies on the lawn!
Please let us know if you want to join us.

Enroll through Facebook or send an e-mail to info@artemis.dk. Enrollment is not crucial for participating.

There is a fee 50 kroner, payed in cash or mobile pay 958963!