Pay kr. 200  to MobilePay 958963 for registration per family

Did you just had  a puppy? Or do you think about adopting one?

Join us for Puppy Night and get inspiration to a good implementation of your new member of your in the family.

The goal is to give you some practical useful tools so you can give your puppy a good start in its new environment.

We will go over the most important challenges with the puppy in daily life. Our new family member will live with us the coming any years. If we get good habits to begin with,  the better life will be for you and the dog.

We will come around: 

  • Good daily habits
  • Dog language and signals
  • Home alone
  • “Potty training”
  • Activation/work out – or lack of it
  • Use of harness and leash
  • Motivation of the puppy

The puppy is supposed to be a natural part of the family. It must fit into our life, but we must also meet the dogs needs.

The key to a well-functioning dog in daily life lays in the understanding of the dog’s signals and knowledge of its way of living. If you learn that, then you will in a positive manner be able to co-work with your dog to satisfaction for all.

We will motivate it in a positive way, and it’s both dog and owner who must get to know each other.

The event takes place at:

Animal Clinic Artemis, Gersonsvej 2, 1. Sal, 2900 Hellerup

Registrationis mandatory due to number of seats. You send a mail to and then pay kr. 200

per family at MobilePay 958963. 

Registration is binding.

We will serve coffee/tea and cake. 

This event is without the dog.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Who are we?

Lecturer of the night is Hanne Truelsen from

Hanne finished in April 2010 The dog trainer- and behavioral education at Turid Rugaas. She has since participated in a long row of classes and stay updated on the latest knowledge regarding dog training and dog behavior.

She is as well a trained obedience- and agility trainer by DGI.

Hanne’s methods for the training are based on an excellent co-work with our dog(s). Dogs are social living beings and more than willing to fit into our world – we just have to clearly let them know.

Hanne has since 2011 been a member of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe).

After the event it’s possible to start puppy training with Hanne.

Puppy night is arranged together with veterinarian Lise Rovsing from the animal clinic Artemis. Lise has many years of experience as a vet and is the owner of Artemis.

Lise graduated in 2018 after 2 years  of training as Dog- and behavioral coach from Turis Rugaas and is a member of PDTE.

“A healthy dog is not a question about having a dog which is not ill. Health and psyche are connected. It’s very important we have dogs thriving in every single aspect. To get to know your dog and understand its signals is the solution to give your dog a great life”.