News: Do you travel with your pet?

Changes in legislation about rabies vaccination and new pet passport!

Beginning December 29th 2014 puppies and kittens can first be vaccinated against rabies after they have turned 12 weeks old.

The legislation describes, that 21 days must pass after the rabies vaccine is given, before the animal can leave the country with you. For example, if your pet was 12 weeks old when vaccinated, it must be at leat 15 weeks in order to travel.

The dog must be microchipped before the rabies vaccine is given.

Mange tager deres dyr med på ferie til glæde for hund og ejer!


Uanset hvilken rabiesvaccine der benyttes, er den først gyldig, fra dyret er fyldt 12 uge.
If you are getting a puppy outside Denmark, it is possible for you to pick it up, before the animal has turned 12 weeks (despite the animal not having the rabies vaccination yet).

The Danish Food and Veterinarian Administration are working on a law proposal so you no longer need an offcial permission to bring home a puppy under 12 weeks.
The breeder abroad CAN’T send a puppy under 12 weeks to you in Denmark. If you are getting a dog from abroad you must go yourself to be allow to bring it home to Denmark.


Hunden skal minimum være 15 uger, før den kan komme med til udlandet.



New passports for pets!

There comes a new pet passport. If your animal is going to travel with you and needs a passport after December 28th, it must have one of the new passports.

The new passport is different than the current one in several areas:

Owner must sign a page with an “owner declaration”. The veterinarian must also sign a declaration on issuance and vaccinations. The passport is laminated. The passport frontcover must hold the animal chipmarking.

Det nuværende hundepas ersattes med et nyt d. 28. december 2014.

The new rules are to prevent cheating with passports.

You get the passport from your veterinarian.
Have you got a passport issued before December 28th, it will still be valid, and you do not need a new one!


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